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Gestora Immobiliària SA (GISA), is a company created in 1970, with the aim of studying, promoting, operating and administering all kinds of real estate operations. having accumulated over the years considerable experience and prestige in the field of real estate. 

Experience that allows you to offer your customers.

- Horizontal property management: communities of building and urbanization owners.

- Vertical property management: rental of apartments, commercial premises and parking spaces.

- Purchase and sale of real estate properties: land, apartments, commercial premises and parking spaces.

- Study, execution and promotion of real estate operations.

- Study and construction of real estate in a cooperative regime.

- Maintenance and renovation of buildings. contracting and control of auxiliary industrialists.

  For any questions or queries of your interest, do not hesitate to go to GISA. YOUR PROFESSIONAL TEAM WILL ATTEND YOU AND ASSIST YOU PROPERLY.






As Property Managers, we can offer our professional services that include:

  • Strict application of the Statutes of the Community, as well as the Horizontal Property Law of November 20, 2008.

  • Annual accounting management.

  • The convocation of the General Assemblies, both Ordinary and Extraordinary.

  • The drafting of the corresponding Acts.

  • Consultation and legal aid.

  • Management with industrialists for community repairs.

  • Assistance, assistance and advice, if necessary, in the signing of Community maintenance and insurance contracts; i,

  • The necessary management near the official estates, always in the name of the Community.

  • As founding members of the Professional Association of Real Estate Agents and Managers of Andorra (AGIA), we apply and respect the Code of Ethics that it has approved and requires. We also respect and comply with international regulations as members of the World Federation of Real Estate Professions (FIABCI)

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